• Gender equity and intersectionality

    Put Gender Equity at the heart of our work and apply an intersectional gender-lens

  • Evidence base

    Contribute and build the evidence base on gender equality, primary prevention and health promotion, and women’s health and wellbeing

  • Intersectional systems approach

    Strengthen organisations’ capacity to challenge gender stereotypes and address gender inequalities in relation to natural disasters and climate change

  • Collaborate

    Continue to enhance our leadership and work in partnership to build the capacity of community in the region

Overall the emerging themes tell us that our primary prevention and health promotion capabilities will need to be strengthened and broadened to adapt and respond to a range of emerging new issues for women and health.

  • Encourage and advocate for a systems approach to building good mental health – advocate for an intersectional gender-sensitive approach to all areas of mental health policy, health promotion and service provision. Seek to provide services that promote mental health and wellbeing of women in the Southern Metro Region of Melbourne
  • Continue to partner sand support education institutions to take a gender lens to health and wellbeing – particularly around respectful relationships, mental health and wellbeing and sexual and reproductive health.
  • Strengthen organisations’ capacity to challenge gender stereotypes, and address gender inequalities after natural disaster, particularly as it relates to the increase prevalence/risk of family violence
  • Work with communities building on evidence as well as “where people are at”, using partnership and network structures to build resilience and reduce risks of vulnerability to climate change and natural disasters.
  • Provide service and support to partners in our region on appropriate and evidence informed health promotion messaging on gender equality and women’s health
  • Build our own capacity and capability to deliver primary prevention services and support for communities impacted by climate change, disaster and pandemic
  • Adopt and develop a social inclusion practice in our work to take a system wide approach to help address the health and wellbeing needs of older women in our community.