This is the second of Women’s Health in the South East Environmental Scan of women’s health in our region.

A snapshot of information presented in a public forum that defines for our stakeholders the direction that we are taking for the next 12 months, what we are noticing and, what we think it means.

WHISE recognises that the practice of health promotion and primary prevention are evolving.

To continue to be relevant health promotion can’t ignore the realities of community, the individual’s need for agency in their own lives, and the causes of health and social problems.

Collaboration is key and the creation of meaningful equal partnerships of practice that achieve wide-ranging social impact will be the mainstay of primary prevention work.

Our Environmental Scan will investigate the following:

Our Region

Contrasting demographics highlight diverse needs amongst various municipalities.

The SMR covers an area of 2,888 square kilometres, representing about one-quarter of the state’s total population.

Current and Emerging Issues

The social determinants of health are strongly influenced and shaped by access to income, education and resources that women have access to.

Policy and Planning

Investing in Women’s Health – the practice of health promotion and primary prevention are evolving.

Diversity of our Region

We must understand the diversity of our society in our region and how these intersect and impact upon wellbeing and health.

Pillars of our Integrated Health work

  • Gender Equity
  • Prevention of Violence against Women
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health

What Does This Mean for WHISE?

  • Adapt our practice, develop a strategy, apply it locally
  • Recognise the drivers of our region – that is where change will happen
  • One size does not fit all – evolve learning methodologies

The next 12 months will see WHISE


our new strategic plan for 2018 to 2022


the second year of our action plan for the regional prevention strategy 'Preventing Violence Together'


our new strategy for sexual and reproductive health in the region 'Good Health Down South' and commence implementation

Expand our learning

and training engagement with stakeholders in the region

Evolve our policy

and practice settings, including our membership offer and ways of working


our research activity


our partnerships and collaborations


the economic, social and community drivers of our region